About Me

Husband, Father, Lawyer and Counselor. In that order.

Clint was born in the early 1970’s in the then-sleepy college town of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, which is now home to one of the largest casinos in the state. He later went on to attend classes at Central Michigan University with his mother while still an infant, so when he says he has been in school all his life, he really means it.

His parents later moved to the suburbs of the city of Flint, and having grown inexplicably attached to him, they brought Clint along, to raise him in the shadow of GM’s factories. He was privileged to live through the crash of the American Auto Industry and all associated deleterious effects on the local economy that started in 1978 and never really stopped.

Upon graduation from high school, he stayed consistent with his chosen allegiances, and much to the consternation and disapproval of much of his family, he chose to attend the right university in Michigan, the University of Michigan, rather than blindly following an unfortunate family tradition of attending the green and white cow college in East Lansing. This choice added fuel to an already acrimonious interfamily rivalry that makes the UW/WSU rivalry look like a mild political debate.

Upon graduation, Clint was fortunate enough to marry the love of his life, and went to work for Michigan National Bank. After almost two years in a Dilbert-cartoon like atmosphere, Clint decided that if he was going to work for a corrupt organization, he’d rather if be his own. Law school seemed to be an ideal choice. He started in the James Iredell class at the Thomas M. Cooley School of Law in Lansing, Michigan. The class was the largest to commence at the law school at the time, with over 500 students. The school has a well-deserved reputation for being easy to gain entry to, and an even better-deserved reputation for being difficult to stay in. His son, Ethan was born in 1999, his second year at Cooley. He graduated cum laude in September 2001, and passed the Washington bar in February 2002.

After passing the Bar, Clint started practicing at a small firm in Tacoma, where he did far too many divorces for his sanity or comfort. His second son, Jake, was born in March 2004, and he started back to school in 2004 at the University of Washington School of Law. He graduated in 2005 with his Master of Laws in Taxation. At around the same time, he started work at Swigart Law Offices, P.S., in Auburn, where his practice focuses on Business and Corporate Law, Estates and Probates, with some Real Estate, Tax, and Tree matters, but NO divorces. He enjoys the work as many “non-textbook” matters seem to find their way across his desk. If you had told him that he would have one tree case for every year he was in practice at the time he was in law school, he would have laughed in your face. Now, he just says “Call me.”

Like many in his profession, he is afflicted with the belief that he is a writer, having been published in the WSBA’s Young Lawyer publication, De Novo. He manages to be perpetually working on a novel, which remains unfinished, despite having garnered favorable criticism from other published authors he knows.

He enjoys the fact that his boys constantly teach him the difference between experience and cliche. He still does not know what he wants to be when he grows up, but despite a healthy dose of cynicism, earned by first-hand exposure to the process, he is still considering crossing over into a career in politics, where he would be assured of angering almost everybody.


Clint practices law in the Puget Sound area of Washington, and is the sole member and manager of Wilcox Law Office, PLLC,  where his practice focuses on Business  & Corporate Law, Estate Planning, Probates, Contracts and Real Estate.


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